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Ann Li Ann
Ann Li


  • Barclay Simpson MFA Award
  • Ginny Kleker Commitment to Art Award

Ann Li is an interdisciplinary digital media artist. Through self-portrait performance, autoethnography, installation, and stop-motion animation, her work orbits two spaces of mutual delirium: the internet, and her own psychology. 

The work questions the ritual of self-sacrifice in an age where everyone's a brand. Via the persona "CC" (@play_w_cc,  2014 – 2021 ) — a fake “influencer”with cannibalistic tendencies, who comes to the artist in a fever dream, only to steal away into the night with her face as she sleeps  — Li uses social media performance on Instagramto critique the landscape of influencer culture from its own terrain. Unlike the artist, “CC” is confrontational — immune to the psychological pain of devouring oneself. Calmly, it eats its own flesh in the endless cycle of self-commodification on social media, in sushi “mukbangs” made from decoupage, in the feeling of unraveling and raveling again and again, until it finally games the algorithm. 

She grew up Chinese-American on the east coast, where she received her BFA from Pennsylvania State University. She is currently a second-year MFA candidate at California College of the Arts.

digital printout of face, decoupage on foam to create “sushi”, on upcycled drink cans/chopsticks/found table to create table set, stop motion, 2021
digital collage, digital self-portrait photograph, 12” x 12”, 2020
digital self portrait collage, 2020
print-out face on paper, painter’s tape, digital self-portrait photography, 2020, 10" x 8"
print-out face on paper, painter’s tape, digital self portrait photography
digital self-portrait collage, social media performance (@play_w_cc on Instagram), 4” x 5”, 2020
drafting paper, ink, marker, tempera on body, digital self-portrait photography, digital collage, installation 6.5’ x 8’ x 6.5’
45 s. video, digital stop motion, vocal recordings. Recordings pulled from DSM-5 296.20-296.36//{this time it tastes like grief} (2020 poetic nonfiction), and Neverland (2019 poetic nonfiction)
tempera on body, styrofoam heads, astroturf, digital self-portrait collage, 48” x 36”, 2019
tempera paint on body, digital self-portrait collage. 2019, 48” x 36”